Soar Energy Drink

This is a package design for a fictional Energy Drink named Soar.


I was tasked to design the packaging for a fictional energy drink company. This involved formulating the brand strategy and art direction including the messaging and the visual design to express it on the final labels

Idea & Concept

The main target market for this drink is professional athletes. Energy drinks are promoted as beverages that can boost energy levels and enhance mental alertness and physical performance. Because athletes are constantly going through high-frequency training, they expend high levels of physical and mental strength. So they need something they can trust will quickly replenish their energy.

With the target audience in mind, I chose 3 key values to communicate through my design: fast, active, and powerful. These values align with the traits of the king of birds, the eagle. 

The name

The soaring eagle symbolizes the brand’s strength. By consuming the drink, athletes will revive their energy as fast as 60 seconds, just as eagles revive their power to soar. They raise up champions to new heights with their motto: “let us be your wings.”