Crabbing Vancouver

  • Client: Alyssa
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: All Videos

Vancouver is always a lovely modern city with so much to offer, but no matter how fancy it is that might impress you at first, the true beauty of the city lays on its breathtaking landscapes and plenty of activities that you can do with your family

Idea & concept

Summer 2019, I had a chance to follow Alyssa's family to go crabbing. Being very inspired by the picturesque scenery & the happiness in everyone's face, I took my phone out and started recording. The mood & tone in the video reflect the feel of peacefulness in me.


The video is shot totally on iphone 8 with natural lighting & no other equipments.

Editing by Final cut pro X

See it live at: Crabbing Vancouver | Alyssa family