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  • Client:BCIT Library
  • Year: 2019
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This is the video I created to spread awareness and increase the profile of the services offered in the Burnaby Campus’s BCIT Library to students in other campuses.

The challenge

BCIT is a large technological institution with 5 different campuses spread across the Vancouver Lower Mainland: Burnaby Campus, Downtown Campus, Marine Campus, Aerospace Technology Campus and Annacis Island Campus.

The main campus is located in Burnaby and with it has the most well-equipped library, offering the widest range of services from wide-open study spaces to high-quality technological tools. A wave of new services were recently added into the library, but most students are unfamiliar with the new upgrades and have not fully taken advantage of them. BCIT needed to find a way to promote these services


I decided to use a video to promote the BCIT library services. Videos are a great visual storytelling tool. It is short, efficient, and when executed properly, it can engage and quickly educate audiences, which will ultimately result in an increase in students visiting the library.

A problem was that students in the other BCIT campuses were not familiar with the new services; they did not know what services were offered nor how to use them. Thus, for the video, I created a story of students using the library services firsthand. This would help students who were not familiar with the library to see how to utilize the new services to their benefits.

Stock photos

Apart from the video & slideshow, I also helped create Stock photography for the BCIT MediaWorks and library.

See it live at: BCIT Stock photos

and  BCIT Library 2019 | Service Tour