Magazine design

Treehouse magazine is a magazine dedicated to promote minimalism in living. 

Project goal

Create a magazine dedicated to small housing architecture and complementary interior design to inspire a new way of living: fully and minimally.

Idea & concept

Since I was a kid, I have always been obsessed with treehouses. They are a small, cozy space that reminds people of their childhood when they felt safe and happy. That’s why I named the magazine “Treehouse”, with the thought that a home can be either big or small, but should always make you feel warm and secure like my treehouse did to me.


A light shade of green was chosen to represent freshness, calmness, and well-being. It also represents the sustainable aspect of living minimalistic.


There is a myth people believe that treehouses are only a place for kids to play in. However, treehouses are liveable and can be very extravagant and expensive to build. The imagery I used in the magazine represents this counter-cultural idea.


I made the design simple and clean to reflect minimalistic living. Also, to create interest for the audience, I used geometric shapes to represent the architectural side of the magazine and create an eye-pleasing composition.