Fujifilm XA3

  • Client: BCIT
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: All Videos

This video is for the purpose of promoting Fujifilm XA3.


This is a school project where we - a group of 3 students - are required to promote a commercial product with low-budget video equipments.

As we were all media students, we had prior knowledge about video gears so we decided the Fujifilm XA3 would be a good choice. Not only did we already understand the functionality of the camera, but it is also an affordable and powerful tool for beginner filmmakers, making it a viable product to promote. The challenge is to find a way to attract audiences and promote the video without high-budgeting video gears.


After brainstorming, we decided to make a video demonstrating the camera’s key features in action and sharing feedback on the product.

The reason for it was that: Nowadays, customer feedback is a powerful marketing tool that influences a customer’s final buying decision. If center our video around that idea and create a review video on the Fujifilm XA3, the budget for the video will be relatively low, also, honest feedback on the product and demonstrate to the audience how to use the camera will help them understand more about the camera thus gain more trust in it.

See it live at: Fujifilm XA3 | 3J Photography