Booklet design

This is a branded booklet about food in order to showcase Hanoi's culture to foreign tourists.


The goal of the project was to design a booklet that displayed a certain aspect of a city. I was required to decide on the city and the aspect and then start the project from scratch, including researching and designing the final booklet.

Idea & Concept


Hanoi is the city I grew up in and have a strong affection towards. It is a place I can confidently recommend food from and represent through design.


Food is a universal need and art. It is everywhere, and to understand a place’s culture, the easiest way is to taste the food. I personally named the top 5 foods in Hanoi and carefully researched and got foreigners’ feedback on whether the dishes suited their taste as well. This was to ensure that others would also enjoy the recommendations and I was not holding onto any biases. There were some special foods and herbs that had to be eliminated because they might not have been suitable for tourists. The flavours were too strong or they were too hard to digest.


I aimed to create a subtle design as this booklet was not meant to impress, but to welcome. This booklet acts as a welcoming ‘hi’ from Hanoians to foreigners on their visits to the city.